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RhinoWolf's new Brand brings new capabilities to the Outdoor market. For the first time, one can take to the outdoors when hiking, biking, motorcycling or in case of emergency, a complete solution for camping in one small package.

RhinoWolf developed an Attachable Camping Unit. What used to be a tent, a sleeping bag and a mattress is today one product.

RhinoWolf has achieved, innovative qualities; it is light weight, low volume, and is simple to pitch and pack, it allows both privacy and connectivity, and most importantly: comfortable sleeping conditions.

Our new approach was made possible by the great development in the quality of fabrics, poles and other materials in outdoor gear, enabling the integration of light, high-quality, and powerful materials into one product.





All in One

1+1+1= 1 RhinoWolf

Tents are cool, no doubt about it. We’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in them. Slept in dozens of them. That’s ultimately what led us to have a this-can-be-much-better moment.
So we rethought the concept of sleeping in nature, and combined the best and most durable elements of our camping gear into one high quality, heavy-duty, light-weight (under 5.5 lbs) sleeping system.

The RhinoWolf

RhinoWolf's been made to last and last well. It's been crafted with the toughest and most durable of climate protective materials. That means you can use it on whatever part of the planet you find yourself in.
What makes it a full spectrum SuperTent?  


The RhinoWolf Shell

Is what we call the outer part of the RhinoWolf, what others might call a 'tent', and it's the tough-and-durable yet super-light outer layer of this remarkable outdoor sleep system.
The Shell is made from 15 denier thick 2000mm Nylon ripstop material with Silicon on both sides. And of course, it's wind proof and rain proof.

The RhinoWolf Air Mattress

The air mattress is lightweight, comfortable and inflates in just 10-15 breaths. It's designed in an ergonomic body-mapped V chamber shape which limits air movement and provides full body support.


A comfortable backcountry pad providing winter insulation and all-season comfort, the Insulated Static V packs light and small and delivers an outstanding R-Value of 4.4. The body-mapped shape and V chamber design combine to maintain comfort and minimize air movement that can impact insulation. The chambers are filled with light, lofty Klymalite™ synthetic insulation to add another layer of protection from the cold ground, and dynamic side rails cradle you comfortably on your pad for a more restful sleep.

Weight 24 oz / 680 g
Dimensions 72" x 23" x 2.5" / 182.9 cm x 58.4 cm x 6.4 cm
R-Value 4.4
Inflation 10-15 Breaths
Pack Size 5" x 8" / 12.7 cm x 20.3 cm
Fabric 75D Polyester
Warranty Klymit Lifetime Warranty

The RhinoWolf Sleeping Bag

The RhinoWolf sleeping bag isn't really a bag at all. It's more of comfy blanket that zips right in, putting you in snug town. They're standard sized, but you can scroll down to check out measurements in the Specs section.
Warmth / Thickness-wise, the sleeping bags come in 3 different variations:
Light: 150g duck down, cold temperature limit of 40F / 10C (a.k.a 2 seasons).
Standard: 375g duck down, cold temperature limit of 25F / -4C (a.k.a 3 seasons).
Heavy: 560g duck down, cold temperature limit of 14F / -10C (a.k.a 4 seasons


Innovative 1-Pole Spine Mechanism

We re-engineered the shell itself for maximum efficiency. Our super-strong single pole spine design means a lighter load, an easy and quick set-up, and also a much wider, comfier, living zone. The double wide door design allows for maximum airflow. 

Fast & Easy Set-Up

RhinoWolf set's up quickly and easily thanks to it's innovative one-pole design. This one-of-it's-kind  design not only allows for easy set up, but also ergonomic flow and natural air flow.

  1. Unpack and unroll RhinoWolf.

  2. Thread the one rod through the loops.

  3. Inflate the air mattress.


Any Weather, Anywhere.

Step Up Your Camping



The RhinoWolf Packs


Designed to the Stitch.

The difference is (also) in the details


Better Together

Solo, Duo & Group Camping
Reconnect with nature and each other with RhinoWolf’s innovative modular design. It’s amazing on its own and even better when zipped together.



A tailor-made camping unit, addressing the campers full needs in one small and lightweight package , 20 W x 20 H x 40 L (cm) 2.5 Kg

Simple pitching and packing, all made possible by a simple and practical design, Setting up and packing is possible in under 2 minutes.

Great sleep quality,  the unit (mattress, blanket, tent, etc') is customized to your needs, and the blanket is attached to the bottom of the tent.

An attachable camping unit allowing you to travel alone or connect to friends, and then change your mind.

The best value for money, ultimately one product instead of three, saving in parts and packages, and offering a great price for high end gear.