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This is a story of the unit that is larger than the sum of its parts.

The founders of RhinoWolf met in the outdoors. The extreme conditions that can only be brought about by mother nature brought them to envision a state-of-the-art camping unit, something different that suits the specific needs of campers. Together with the rest of the RhinoWolf team members, who are all experienced campers, they started working on what later became the RhinoWolf.

This is our story:

As frequent hikers, we always faced the problems associated with camping. When hiking, biking or simply camping you want your gear to be lightweight, not bulky and simple to use. But for a good night sleep we always carried three different pieces of gear: a tent, a sleeping bag and a mattress. We also had to decide in advance who’s bunking together, so we could properly divide the gear.

Carrying around three pieces of gear and dividing gear makes camping anything but simple...

Then came along RhinoWolf.

With Rhinowolf we took out some filling from the unneeded bottom part of the sleeping bag, put a mattress underneath. We also made sure that the RhinoWolf unit can connect to other units, because connecting is part of the outdoor experience.

For Rhinowolf to be a great solution for people who wish to be mobile and hike and just stay in one place, we made sure it was lightweight and very easy to pitch and pack. With only high quality materials, and the ingenious design, Rhinowolf weighs only 5 pounds.

It took us a few years to perfect Rhinowolf. We went through many designs, drawings and models to create the perfect outdoors sleeping unit. It is the first ever camping solution with a vision of easier mobility and better sleeping.

Join us in our exciting new path. Become one of the RhinoWolf Pack… Be a part of the new hiking experience- light, comfortable, modular.

A unit that is greater than its parts

From Our Production Line

A glance to the future of Camping… 

Rhinowolf is developing a new language for the outdoor campers; tailor-made shelter.

Every individual can design his or her own unit, befitting his or her unique measurements and requirements, not only adjusting the sleeping bag and mattress but designing his camping unit.

developing a variety of products for different target audiences with different needs: gender, age, weight, adjusted protection, different purpose of stay.

We are convinced that RhinoWolf's vision will bring to the industry new audiences and new needs, Which will promote the outdoor market to grow and expand.

RhinoWolf is the first in a line of innovative customized gear, which will be marketed gradually.



Haim Ganz


During the last 25 years camping and survival in the outdoors has been a key factor in Haim's life, first as a fighter and officer in an elite military unit, later in trips and hikes around the world, and today with his family and friends, using every opportunity to escape the office and enjoy nature in its finest. It is this wide experience, combined with his business management knowledge and entrepreneur spirit that led him to look for the most creative outdoor solutions.


Boaz  Eyni

Business Advisor

Boaz has been an invaluable guide. He comes with over 15 years of experience in financial management of public companies of public companies traded on the stock exchange and startups.